Escorts meet different types of clients, everyday of their work. Some will be nice, and others will be rude. They however love to spend time with men who treat them well, and who show them some respect, since escorting allows them to have respectable and not necessarily sexual relations. It is, therefore, their right, whether or not to accept a client.

How do they choose their clients? You are certainly interested in getting all the juicy facts about the issue. Here are some tips to guide you on how an escort Paris chooses her clients, and to help you put all your chances to be selected as one.


Before meeting with their clients, most escorts choose them over the emails they receive. Therefore, the first impression you release in your writings will definitely get you to be chosen or not.

As a matter of fact, you must give your escort Paris the envy to spend time with you, telling her who you are, so the quality of the email you send is very important. It is therefore necessary to be straight-forward, polite and mannerly, without being hesitant about giving out the relevant information about yourself.

Any hesitation will be perceived by her and this will automatically disqualify you as a potential serious client.

Appearance during the first meeting

If you have succeeded in getting the escort’s attention over email, you will probably score a chance to meet her for a first date; and here your appearance matters. You do not want to reach to the location improperly dressed.

Escorts from 6annonce for example are classy and posh ladies; anyone approaching them, therefore, should take the way he looks very important. This way, they will feel you respect yourself and if you are capable of that, then you are capable of respecting them too. They have a sense of fashion, and for sure know how to recognise designer brands. Impress her with your own fashion sense, and you will definitely be among her top clients.


For escorts who are freelancers and who work independently, they use social media networks and forums to choose their clients. Actually, they advertise themselves and their services, and according to their schedules, they fill in the clients who meet their requirements. Yes, they also have requirements. Cocky and perverse men will automatically be cut-off from their schedules. They are their own managers, and this means they are the ones to set their rules.

Pictures and social media

Another way in which they screen clients is through pictures. Most of them will ask you to send them your pictures before meeting with you, and also ask you to link them to your social media accounts. This way, they will know whether or not a client is an impostor. If he is not very active or seems fake, they will cut him off.

Furthermore, knowing your real names and the place of your work are another great way of deciding them; and, before you meet, they always check your identification.